Asics X Luisa Via Roma


F+ by Oluwafeyitimi





'Bella Blu arrived in London in May 2020 - fresh from two years studying (Fashion Art Direction and Multimedia Arts) in Florence, Italy. She is a true creative polymath with an undeniably contagious creative vision; veracious curiosity and distinctive understanding of image-making. The potential of such a combination has been made quite clear since her arrival to London in 2020 with a portfolio of entrancing self-portraits. Bella’s work has been described as other-worldly and particular - a fitting description for her personal style. As well as a lifelong passion for art and the visual world, she has an instinctive understanding and reverence for garments - both as wearer and photographer. Her interest in the act of seeing and being seen "verges on obsession” she tells me,“we are in constant dialogue with light energy - we are told stories this way…I think that if I can retell these stories, one day I will maybe understand them.”'